Thursday, May 21, 2009


Just thought I would update you on the study.  After several hours of "screening" on Tuesday I was $100 richer and still unsure of my participation in the study.  On Wednesday I got a call that I have been "excluded".  So, no miracle cure for me.  Better luck next time.
In other news, I have decided to exercise despite the extreme discomfort.  We will see how long this lasts.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

say what?

I am supposed to go to my doctor appointment today with hives.  So I just went outside and jogged/walked (I am really out of shape) for 30 minutes or so.  Did I get hives? No.  But I got hives yesterday just walking to McDonalds.  I don't get it.  If I don't have hives for this appointment I can't get the clinical trial medication that might change my life.  It could be that I am healed, lets hope.  If not, I am going to be very sad next time I get hives.


So I get these hives.  It is kind of a bummer.  I thought I understood these hives.  But I am realizing more and more that I do not know about my hives.  I used to think that I got hives whenever I would sweat or get hot or get stressed or ...  However, now I am finding some loopholes.  Today: I walked 1.5 blocks, weeded a garden for FHE for less than an hour then walked back to the church.  Then I walked 1.5 blocks to McDonalds (don't judge) and at McD's got hives.  Not really bad ones, but hives nonetheless.  This evening I tried Jillian's workout again.  (Deck of cards= 84 pushups, 84 lunges, 84 crunches, 84 reverse crunches.  I can explain in more detail if you really want to know).  Anyway, this is the second time I have done this workout and I have not gotten hives either time.  Seriously?  I don't understand.  I took a bike ride last monday for 30 minutes and got crazy hives.  This is all very confusing.  Hmm.  They look something like this when at full flare.  Sorry for the ugly leg shots.