Friday, June 29, 2007

Riding along

So I was on TRAX on Wednesday morning after work. I was really tired. I ran to catch the train, and ended up being about 3 seconds too late. I was almost hitting the side of the train as I ran alongside to catch the train. Well, missing the train meant that I had to wait 15 minutes for the next departure. Luckily, the next train was only about a minute away, so at least I got to sit down. I got on the train and the driver started talking to me. He said I looked good for having worked all night. He asked me where I worked, and if I had kids of my own. Essentially, we had a get-to-know-you conversation in the early morning hours. Well, I was very tired, so I set the alarm on my phone to wake me up before I needed to switch trains. I held the phone in my hand so I would feel the vibrations, and I fell asleep. There is something you need to know about the TRAX lines, the University line runs from the hospitals to the Energy Solutions Arena. The Sandy line runs from the Arena to Sandy. So, I was on the University line, and planned to change trains at the Galivan Center. I closed my eyes. The next thing I know, the nice driver was tapping me on the shoulder to tell me we were at the end of the line. I was sitting on a stopped train outside of the Energy Solutions Arena (way out of my way). At this point I was really glad that I had built a relationship with the driver so that he felt comfortable waking me up. Next time I think I will ask him to wake me up at my stop. The sad thing, the two times on the train before this, I also overslept my stop. This however, was a much longer ride than the others turned out to be. I don't think I said anything to the driver after he woke me up because I was so out of it. I might have stumbled over a "thank you" or perhaps a "oops". Very classy of me. And, the driver guy was really attractive, 20s-ish and had a great accent. Maybe I will see him again, and next time not make a fool of myself. There is always the hope.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Andrea, RN

So, I have a new title. I took my test, and I passed!!! I am super excited. I no longer have to stress about this and get to be a Registered Nurse. It is so exciting. I already said that. I found out on Thursday, then immediately went to bed, having worked a night shift Wednesday night. Then, I woke up and went camping. It has been a fabulous weekend.
We went rafting on the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Now Wyoming in general, not that great. But, rafting, awesome. We left Thursday afternoon and got back Saturday night. It was so so so much fun. I have a bit of a sunburn, but that will fade into a nice tan. It was nice to get out of town for a couple days. And, I love camping, so that helped. And, I have a new best friend, Nicole. I met her on the trip and we had a blast. Pretty much inseparable. People probably got pretty annoyed with us, but we didn't care. Lots of good one liners out of the trip. Lots of memories. Good times, great oldies.
And then yesterday I got to see some friends from high school again. It has been a while, and it is great to see them again. I realized I have missed them. I am getting sentimental, time to stop. Funny tidbit- my friend Michelle who is in my ward was with me when I saw Dan and Bryndon (a couple guy friends from high school). Michelle is completely convinced that Bryndon is interested in me. I am completely convinced this is not true, as he is seriously waiting for a missionary. The funny part is, I had a huge crush on him in High School. My how things come full circle.
Oh, and I have August 17 off of work so that I can watch High School Musical 2. If you want to join me, just let me know. It is going to be a serious party.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


To quote the truly great: "I know you can be overwhelmed, and I know you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?" I think you can. That is what I am today. Last night I transferred my second kid to the PICU in the last 2.5 weeks. Yes, that is much much higher than average. I am not sure if this is a personal problem, or just really bad luck. But, whatever the reason, at least I am getting better at the procedure. And last night, everyone was really good about it and I didn't have to fight the doctors to get my kid to PICU (normally it is somewhat of a fight, especially at times like this when the hospital is full full full). Anyways, I am tired. I didn't get enough sleep yesterday, and had a crazy night, and didn't sleep long today. So, I am whelmed. Another reason for this state of being: waiting for NCLEX results. Could be today. Could be tomorrow. Could be the next day (which means I won't know until Saturday because I am going camping.) This test will hugely impact my future. Especially the next 45 days. So, wish me luck. Have all the good vibes possible. And, also, send some good vibes my way so that my kids will be okay tonight and we won't have any crazyness. It makes me tired. (Oh, and 10 points if you know what the quote is from.)
And, one other thing, be careful when you sleep. Somehow yesterday while I was sleeping I actually tried to get up, slipped and slammed my head into my dresser. It hurt like crazy. I just put my head down on my pillow and wanted to cry. Kinda think I might start wearing a helmet when I sleep.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My fault?

Yesterday I had a meeting at work. My part-time work. The meeting itself was fine. The highlight, however, was when I got reamed by the HR lady for not picking up my pay stubs. A little background, I have tried to pick up my pay stubs at least every two weeks for the last couple months. I have talked to the receptionist, she has referred me to the director of nursing, who has referred me elsewhere. Lets just say, every two weeks I have talked to several people to get my check stub, but to no avail. So yesterday the HR lady comes in to the nursing meeting with a stack of envelopes. She said, "lets see who isn't picking up their checks". Apparently she thinks public humiliation is a good method of teaching. So I said, "I think you have some of mine." She handed me a stack of 4 and then with a disapproving look said "you really need to pick these up every 2 weeks." To which I responded "I have tried every two weeks to pick them up, I have talked to several people throughout the building in an attempt to find them. The people I am told to ask, have no idea where to look." She said "you pick them up from the director of nursing." I responded, "I have tried that several times, she has never had them, and has not known where to get them." At this point the conversation turned and she left the room. Later, I decided that I would try to get my pay stubs mailed to me. Afterall, they come in an envelope ready to mail. The other nurses said they don't mail out the checks because people move too often, so the addresses are bad. Here comes round two. I went into the HR lady's office (by the way, aren't HR people supposed to be nice?). I said, "I work evenings, which makes it difficult to pick up my checks. Will you please mail them to me." And then, without pausing, I continued "My address is never going to change, it is my parent's house, and they wont be moving." With a look of disgust, as if I was putting her out, she replied "well, I guess I can do that." I said "thank you," with an annoying cheerfulness, and walked out of the room.
We will see if my pay stubs ever get mailed to me. I kind of doubt it, but who knows. And, I sincerely hope that my parents don't move, or they will make me into a liar.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Good Idea, Bad Idea

Remember Animaniacs? Great show. This crazy looking skeleton mime character did little sketches called Good Idea, Bad Idea. The one I can remember right now-- Good idea: stop to smell the roses. Bad idea: stop to touch the roses. So, here is one of my own.
Good idea: eat pineapple to get all the good vitamins and minerals and other benefits to your body.
Bad idea: eat lots of pineapple on an empty stomach. (makes for a pretty wicked stomach ache).
I really love pineapple, and this one was fresh. It took me back to my days in Africa. I think I got a little too excited about the pineapple.

High aspirations, Low cash flow

Yesterday I looked up the broadway attractions coming to SLC. I have made a list of those I am interested in seeing. The list is not all inclusive, but may appear that way. So, I bring you my list of shows I want to see, in date order. If you would like to see any with me, please let me know.

Momma Mia, July 31-Aug 5, 2007
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Feb 26-Mar 2, 2008
Annie, April 8-13, 2008
The Drowsy Chaperone, June 25-29, 2008
High School Musical, July 29-Aug 3, 2008

I love musicals. I love plays. I love concerts. Unfortunately, they are all expensive. I am saving up for way too many things to be spending all this money. I actually considered season tickets to the Capitol Theatre, but refrained. I knew it would be painful to see the price, so I just moved on.

Oh, and if anyone hears of Urinetown coming to SLC anytime soon, let me know, because I really want to see it (this based on short clips of the songs that I have listened to on iTunes).

Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm bored

Yesterday, my back started spasming. It started out pretty innocent. You know, just the usual spasm, a little pain here a little there when you move. Throughout the day it increased exponentially. By the time I left the hospital (2pm), I wasn't sure I was going to make it all the way to the train. Luckily, I slept the whole train ride, so I didn't think about the pain. When I got off the train, the pain had increased even more. By this point I had kind of figured out how to walk to cause the least amount of pain. And don't you worry, I looked like a fool. I got across the bus path and began walking up the stairs. I honestly did not think I was going to make it up the stairs. There was someone behind me, so I had to keep going, despite the spasms. Getting across the parking lot was nothing compared to going up the stairs, so I was feeling pretty good. I drove home, and apparently the 4 minute car ride was enough to exponentially increase the pain. There are exactly 3 stairs to get into my house. The first one hurt, the next one worse. The third, at the threshold of the house, was an obstacle I did not think I would be able to concur. I actually made 2 or 3 attempts before scaling the stair successfully. At this point, moving was hilarious. I was actually laughing with each step. I was doing quite well, I could walk one or two steps before having to take a break. And, I was only partially hunched over. It was either laugh or cry, and I chose to laugh. So, I went and got some medicine and got ready to spend a long long time on the couch. My sensitive stomach requires that I eat with medicine, and the two trips between the couch and kitchen to get food and water nearly did me in. I honestly did not think I would be able to carry something in my hand while moving at the same time. I finally got to the couch with all supplies, and rested. Whew. Unfortunately, not too long later, nature called. The very long walk to the bathroom nearly did me in. At this point, I was very hunched over, and only able to take one step before resting (sometimes I couldn't even get through a full step without a rest). My dad made the useful observation that you learn how to not go to the bathroom when the pain gets bad enough. It is all about priorities. I will spare you the painful details of sitting down and standing up in the bathroom. I got back to the couch and stayed horizontal for the next 4 hours. I felt slightly better when I got up. I then went to bed. All pain returned in the morning. Luckily, the pain eased throughout the day. I went to the doctor and got some good meds for the pain and for the spasms. He thinks I will be good as new by Monday. I wish you could have seen me, it was really funny.