Friday, November 09, 2007

I just don't get it

So people always ask me why I am not married, and I just don't have answers for them. I mean, I am a fine specimen of womanhood.
For example, tonight I went grocery shopping like this:

Lets just start from the top: yesterday's hair (and I didn't do my hair yesterday); I think I have dandruff (which was the reason for going to the store, it actually makes me really sad); glasses, to cover up the fact that I am not wearing any makeup; Red jacket, blue shade top; gross hands, a product of working in the hospital- I actually look as if I have leprosy, very attractive; black capri sweat pants with the words "I Suppose" on the butt; unshaven legs; chaco's (and yes, it is freezing cold outside, and no the sandels do not work well with the winter theme including the jacket and sweats); ugly toe post surgical revision, but there is a strong possibility that it is infected. Yuck.

I don't get it. How could someone not want a piece of this? The mind reels that I am not married.

However, there was a nice man at costco (middle aged) that waved and smiled at me. I think he probably thought I was homeless or something. He was driving a Mercedes, and my car barely makes it to the gas station.

Ah, life is good.


Lani said...

I think you're daahhhling! lol That's about how I look everyday, actually. ;-)

Liz Johnson said...


I mean, the pants are really what do it. After all, you know what happens when you suppose.

At least you showered... right?

Hilary said...

I consider it a GOOD day when I shower, so I think you look AMAZING!!! I'm sure there's lots of guys out there that like the 'casual' look of a woman who's not trying too hard. :-)
Oh, and good job with Grandpa's party this weekend . . . it turned out really good and I know you did a ton of the work!