Monday, January 14, 2008

I need to get out

I have renewed my desire to flee the state. I really want to get out. Move away. Try to see if I can have a dating life anywhere in the country, because UT is not working for me. If not, I will move to Europe. I am okay with that option.

The major places I am looking at (in no particular order): Chicago, D.C., Boston, NYC, possibly So. Cal or AZ.

Essentially I need somewhere with single mormons who are actually motivated to do something with their lives.

Any ideas?


Liz Johnson said...

Chicago, Boston, DC. In that order. :)

Lani said...

AZ AZ AZ AZ! ;-) Boston and D.C. are cool too!

Seriously though... I never thought I would ever move to AZ and I certainly didn't expect to fall in love with it. But here we are, and fall and winter in AZ is enough to make anyone decide the summer's not actually that bad (even though it really is THAT bad ;-)). Several of the couples in my ward were AZ (Mesa) singles ward success stories, so I guess SOME folks are hooking up around here. I'd love to have more family in the area. One downside is that Phoenix is not nearly as cool a city as Boston or D.C. Phoenix is this weird giant sprawl without any real central "city" area. People don't seem to really go into the city for fun much... I don't think there's really that much to do for fun in Phoenix. But I'm still glad we moved here! We don't have the time or money to have fun anyway. :-)

I loved Boston though. It's beautiful and there are always a million things to do. Plus I think you'd have a better experience with the singles/student wards there because there are so many really smart young men going to school there. And I think New England LDS people tend to get married later than BYU LDS people, so all the "good ones" are less likely to be taken (if that's a concern for you).

D.C. is cool too. I have a few friends who have moved down there and seem to really like it. I have never lived there, but I've visited. It's gorgeous in the Springtime. Beyond that, I don't know much else about it. But I think it's similar to Boston in that there is a lot of stuff to do and there are bound to be lots of smart single guys.

Kimberly said...

I'm with Liz. I think Chicago would be the coolest for what you want. Boston and D.C. would be amazing, but I've heard Boston is a bit of a rat race (could be fun?). I LOVE AZ (as you know) and would love to have you within a day's drive, but many of the areas in the valley have too many members of the Church to really be a change. It's not UT, by any means (I mean, the commercials aren't geared towards Mormons, for example..and there's no "Soft Sunday Sounds" on the radio) but depending on your ward you might not get the awesome closeness that comes with a branch where everyone really has to work to be there. Still, I'm cool and I'm from Arizona!

sa-rah said...

Boston would be fun - it's beautiful there and there's so much to see and do on the East Coast. Then again, the west coast is nice...why not add Seattle to your list? ;) (Though I can't exactly say it's helped my dating life, yet...)

Allison said...