Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hair chop

I got my hair cut today.  I was planning on growing my hair out and only cutting an inch or less off.  Then I got the haircut thrills.  This happens almost every time I get my hair cut.  Turns out there are a few things in which I have no self control: the snooze button, eating strawberries even though I think I am allergic (more on that later), growing my hair out...
So Betsy (my stylist) convinced me to cut a little more off since it is summer time and my hair is so darn thick.  And let me tell you, it took very little convincing.  She said she would leave it long enough for a pony tail.  I am not sure that is what actually happened.  However, so far I really like the cut.  It is sort of an A-line.  This cut is supposed to look good curly too (since that is my every-day hair).  However, my chubby face and curly curly short hair tends to equate to a very convincing Shirley Temple look.  Thats cool.  I mean people already think I am a teenager, so I might as well make an effort to look young, right.  Meanwhile, I will do the straight thing for approximately 1-2 more days, depending on how it looks without being washed when I wake up tomorrow and Monday.
In other good news, Betsy said that she thinks I am prettier than I used to be.  I am choosing to take it as a complement, and not think about what it means about my previous appearance.  By the way I am not wearing makeup in the following pics.  So much for pretty.

Lets start with the front:

And now we will move to the side:

And finish with the back:

What do you think?  Pictures courtesy of my Mac. I need to actually decorate at some point.


Liz Johnson said...

I'm really excited to see it curly. Also, your room looks way greener in these pics than in reality.

sa-rah said...

Cute hair, Andrea!!