Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just not in the mood

I keep thinking about posting something.  There are two problems.  I am not in the mood.  And now that blogging is so popular it is not as fun for me.  I guess the popular/cult things are just not very appealing to me sometimes.

I will post later.  Perhaps when I get back from my trip.  I really can't wait.  A break is just what I need these days.  A break from reality.

So, I will see you when I emerge from my hole.


Liz Johnson said...

Are you calling Indiana a hole? Like a freezing hole of awfulness? Because that's not true except in January. And February. And occasionally December and March. And sometimes November.


Kimberly said...

If it would make it more fun for you, I'll stop reading everyone else's blogs!

Witney said...

Hey! What up? I miss ya! What in the world? Are you taking up photography? You are such a talented girl!

Kevin, Kristen & Madison said...

Don't be gone for too long. Your thoughts must be released! I'd hate to see you explode.