Monday, June 22, 2009

Gigi and Me

I am a cat lady. Sort of. Me and my cat are completely content to just hang out at home. I guess that means I am a recluse. It works well for me. The trouble is, my cat gets lonely if I am not home. When I get home Gigi won't leave me alone. And she does that thing that cats do when they are trying to make their bed more comfortable and they kneed you. Except my stomach is not going to be changing shape regardless of how much she kneeds it, which means that it only serves to keep me awake when I want to be asleep. I wish that she would be cuddly when I want to be awake instead of when I am trying to sleep.

Gigi is also good at making sure I pay attention to my alarm. I am of the persuasion that hitting the snooze button is a wonderful thing. Gigi, like Pavlov's dog, has come to realize that the alarm noise is associated with me getting out of bed. And my getting out of bed is associated with the bathroom door opening. Don't ask me why she loves the bathroom so much. Her love of the bathroom is the reason I keep the door closed. It just doesn't seem sanitary for her to be drinking out of the toilet. And she likes to attack the rug, something that I don't enjoy. Needless to say Gigi, like a 2 year old, is highly interested in what is off-limits.

In other news, Gigi is having major surgery soon. She is going to be fixed and get her claws removed. I am pretty sure she is really excited about it. If she wouldn't claw my carpet then I wouldn't have to declaw her. She is probably going to be really sad to be away from me overnight. Or maybe it is me that is going to be sad to have her gone. I might be co-dependent. Maybe.


Hilary said...

I needed someone who would make me take the alarm clock more seriously! I got into the bad habit of hitting it up to 45-50 minutes before waking up when I was still working. (Then I had the girls, who wake up with screaming that you can't turn off. I never knew I'd miss an alarm clock.)
Good luck with surgery Gigi!

CHAR said...

I recently decided to have my cat declawed too. She is tearing up the furniture and I can't handle getting mad at her all of the time. I am scared and nervous to take her.

Kimberly said...

You need to roll over and have her knead your sour shoulders. If only, right?