Thursday, October 11, 2007

My dad: Matchmaker

my dad is trying to set me up with someone again. Last time he tried this he gave the guy (the accountant at his office) my number. He never called. I know, shocking. So, he has done this again. Instead, this time it is my parents really good friend's son. Yeah, that way everyone can be involved if/when we go out. We might as well triple with his parents and my parents. That would be fun. And not at all awkward. Lucky me.


Liz Johnson said...

If only we were out there, we could come and make it a four-sie. You should probably have Greg & Hilary come, so that you have three sets of married people PLUS a baby.

Greg said...

We could probably get some of his married siblings to get involved as well. We might as well make this as awkward as we can. It has potential.

Hilary said...

I say screw the first date and all it's awkwardness . . . just show up engaged at family Thanksgiving dinner. I mean, the families are so close anyway, it'd just add to the holiday jubilation!!! :-)