Sunday, March 09, 2008


The missionaries came over today.  They wanted to ask the bishop (dad) about people in the ward to visit.  So, I sat in for the discussion.  At the end we had a little do-you-know... fun.  As in, oh, you lived in Riverside, so did we, do you know ___?  It went well, as it always does.  Then one of the missionaries asked me how old I am.  I said 25 (my birthday was last Monday, p.s.).  He was very surprised, and with the tact of a 19 year old boy, said "really, I thought you were in the last year or two of high school, like 16-18".  Hmm.  No.  Off by almost a decade.  Thanks though.  I am not sure if he was trying to test out his chances with me after the mission, or what.  I think I managed a "yeah, people usually think I am younger than I actually am".  So, if anyone knows any nice 19-year-olds, send them my way.  Apparently that is the age group I am attracting.

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Lani said...

Hee hee. Happy belated birthday, by the way! It was totally on my calendar and I totally saw it and said to myself... I need to email her and say happy birthday... but you know how good intentions sometimes go... Anyway I hope it was great!!