Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My brother and s-i-l came to visit earlier this month.  I have been very slow about taking the pictures off my camera, but finally did last night.  Here are some of the fun ones I found.  We went to Del Taco one afternoon for lunch and so Connor could play in the Play Land.  I was convinced by the 2 year old to play in the play land too.  It turns out it was a bad idea.  I broke my toe.  And then re-broke it a week later, and again a week after that.  It is healing really well.

Coming out of the slide.

Pre broken toe.  I am still smiling in this one.

He has very blue eyes, I love it!

Cute Nathan

Nathan and daddy.

I love his chubbiness!

Connor was not terribly interested in pictures, he was interested in convincing me to go down the slide again.

Case in point: do not share drinks with toddlers.  Big old spit string commin off that straw.

Neither of the boys really wanted to participate in this picture.

He must be looking at his mom.

This is what happens when you tell Connor it is time to go home.

The good news is, Liz is still smiling.

And one of my cat.  Isn't she cute. (people have been asking for pics of her).

Now I need to go take some pictures of my nieces one of these days.  To prove that they are just as cute as the boys.


Hilary said...

You do have freakishly cute nieces and nephews, it's so true!

Liz Johnson said...

Wow, your cat looks like a cat now, not a kitten. That is crazy.

Hahaha. I'm so sorry about your toe. Is it really healing nicely now? Do you need a toe transplant? I will offer one of mine, but I warn that they are crooked and ugly.

Kevin and/or Kristen said...

You are quite the photographer...and your family (nephews and cat) are adorable.

Alicia said...

hey girly, I love the pictures, especially your kitty! She's adorable! I hope to see ya soon!

The Kaedings said...

Why am I not surprised you broke your toe! You should be more careful, I mean you are Safety kid!