Sunday, January 11, 2009


I rarely make new year's resolutions. It just seems like a good way to be disappointed in myself. I know that is silly, and goals are really important and all. I set goals, they just don't coincide with a specific day of the year. Two years ago I made a New Year's resolution to make my bed everyday. I did really well for about a month. Go me. This year my resolution is to have no ER visits, and to have overall good health. Anyone who has spent much time with me knows that 2008 was not a great year- in terms of health. Otherwise the year was just fine. Sadly, I broke/sprained/badly bruised my toe on Monday. So much for this year. I have been limping ever since. It is getting better. I learned my lesson. When the sign at the playland at Del Taco says that you shouldn't get in if you are over 4 feet tall, you really shouldn't get in. And if you do, you shouldn't take your shoes off. It is just not a good idea.

2008 in review:

- lost at High School Musical DVD board game.

- voted, and was judged for it.
- Got an intestinal bug and decided I would rather have the bug than the cure.
- Spent a very large amount of money on a new computer and new camera. I love them both.

- turned 1/4 century old.
- bought a condo. And proceed to spend several weeks painting the condo.

- was mistaken for a minor (as in 14 or younger).
- saw Wicked for the second time while visiting my brother and sister-in-law and nephew.
- began getting hives at random times. Later in the year I am diagnosed with Cholinergic Urticaria. Not cool.
- have my first payed photography gig. I am not a professional.

May- moved into my condo.

- attempted to swallow a pill that then lodged in my throat for 8 hours requiring an emergency endoscopy. Subsequent diagnosis: eosinophilic esophagitis. Basically, if I don't take medication for the rest of my life my throat will close off and I will have to be on an all formula diet. No thank you.

- reconnected with my old roommates.
- went country dancing, for about 15 minutes. Promply dislocated/broke my leg. Took 5 weeks off work for recovery.

-went back to work.

- learned a very important lesson while cutting jalepenos.

- I don't remember what happened, which is a good sign.

- Went to South Bend, Chicago and Detroit.
- Got a cat. Her name is Gigi, and I love her.

- Decided that I am done with hospital visits for the next year.

I really can't complain (although I often do). I have a good life. I have great family and friends and love where I am at in life right now.


Liz Johnson said...

Your toe still hurts?! Ugh, I'm so sorry. To be fair, I am 5' 5 1/2", and I didn't get hurt. Maybe the playland is just dangerous for those that are 5'6" and over.

Hilary said...

We're making similiar 'no more InstaCare visits' resolution for the year . . . I have low hopes for us. Maybe you'll do better!

Hilary said...

I nearly broke my toe the other day . . . had to walk around in slippers and it was all purple and gross and it just made me think, "Oh, poor Andrea! Hers sucked so much worse and this is AWFUL!!"