Monday, October 19, 2009

Grandpa's Funeral, in pictures

I took some pictures at the viewing and funeral. I thought I would share. I still cry a lot. But he is free from his worn out body.

The last picture I have of grandpa, Aug 30, 2009. At this point he was already moved to the hospital bed in his home, instead of the recliner that he used for years.

Us 4 kids. All of us smiled, which is a feat.

The original 6 in the KC Johnson family. Most of us smiled.

3 members of the Military were there to do a salute at the cemetery.

Much like the guards for the Queen of England, they were very stoic.

The 8 pallbearers that were in town. James, Greg, Chris, Trevor, Ben, Shaun, Kyle, Brett. Eric wasn't able to come.

The casket and flag.

They held the flag above the casket while taps was played.

Not a dry eye as she played Taps. Quite sobering. Thank you for your service for our country.

They folded the flag.

And presented it to my dad, the eldest of the Johnson kids.

Marching away. I wasn't able to get a picture of them saluting my dad after they gave him the flag. I was in the wrong place.

My dad and the flag.

Before being lowered into the grave.

The flowers that made me cry. I typically mourn in silence, in that I don't like to tell people my problems. Well, I had told a couple friends, and they gave me flowers. And I cried like a baby when I saw them.


Hilary said...

Beautiful pictures Andrea.

Liz Johnson said...

That pic of your dad as they gave him the flag really chokes me up. And thanks for taking pics of the pallbearers. Those are some good looking guys. :)

CHAR said...

Awesome pictures Andrea! I am so sorry for the loss of your grandpa. It is definitely a hard thing to go through.

sa-rah said...

Great pix, Andrea. What a great tribute to your grandpa. I've never even met your dad and that picture of him with the flag is really touching.

Laura Hess said...

Sorry about your Grandpa Andrea :( I miss you!