Thursday, November 05, 2009

PW and me

I went to the PW book signing last night. When I got there (8:15) it was extremely crowded. Everyone had already been given tickets with letters on them and they were only on F. I couldn't get there any earlier because I was busy at work saving lives, or something like that. Anyway, I talked to one of the ladies that worked at the King's English Bookstore and she recommended that without a ticket I go and get some food or something and come back in an hour.

So, I went to my parent's house and had some delightful White Bean Chicken Chili and chatted with my mom. Around 10pm I showed back up at the bookstore. The crowd outside was slightly smaller, and much to my dismay they were only at M. Hmm. That is only half way through the alphabet in 2.5 hours. Looks like it is going to be a long night. Then the only guy there came up and started talking to me. We talked about random things for a while, but most importantly he let me know the letters only went up to R. Sweet. A while later Random Guy traded his R for someone's Q. Lots of letter trading was happening. Goodbye Random Guy. Then I started chatting with a couple girls. We had all been talking earlier, but they wanted to leave me and Random Guy alone. Sorry nothing exciting to report there. I decided to nestle myself amid the Rs, even though I had no letter to speak of.

Luckily, they stopped checking letters and we made our way in. I met Stripped Shirt Girl and Token Gay Guy (self named). We all chatted and laughed our way through the winding bookstore. We read The Stick Man while in the children's section. Good book. When we got up to Missy and Ree's mother-in-law we asked if we could get a picture with them. They are super nice. We talked to Missy about Banana Republic and comfy sweaters and skiing and wonderful Ree.

Finally we could see PW. She was still unbelievably cheerful. And seemed genuinely happy to meet all of us. We talked to Ree about my upcoming marriage to Random Guy and how the two girls I had glued myself to were going to be in the marriage too. Those are the kinds of things you talk about when you have waited in line until 11:30. Oh, and most of the wait was in the November cold outside. We talked about the random box of tissues that someone had glued Marlboro Man's face to and given to Ree. Of course we got a picture. Then I said "Thanks Ree" and was on my way.

So worth the hours of wait time. And, if I do say so myself, I think I got the sweet end of the deal. I didn't show up at 3 in the afternoon and still got my book signed.

Thanks PW.


Liz Johnson said...

AWESOME! I'm so jealous!!!! And does Ree look that fabulous in person!? Sheesh.

Buscando la Luz said...

Ooooooh! I know someone who met someone famous! :-)

Laura Hess said...

Thanks for including the picture so I could see that PW is pioneer woman. I see. How do you know the random guy wasn't the guy your mom sat next to in the temple! Maybe he is your EC!