Thursday, June 23, 2011

Goodbye SLC, Hello PHX

I am moving. I haven't really broadcasted it too widely, but now that it is really happening, I guess I will talk about it.
I have been unsettled for a year or two. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go back to school or try a different job or what, so I have just stayed where I am and looked into options. Then I decided that becoming a CRNA sounded like a good idea (you know, good hours, good pay). Upon looking into it further, I quickly decided I better actually get a move on, and find a job in an ICU. Utah had really no options, there are just too many nurses here. My friend Ange moved to Phoenix a while back and she seemed to like it there, so I figured I may as well apply. I really didn't think I had any chance getting the job, but to my surprise, they hired me. And they are moving me. And the pay is better. AND IT DOESN'T SNOW.
Things have fallen into place very smoothly, which makes me think that this really is a good thing for me right now. I move down there on July 7. And my stuff will get there sometime on or before the 11th. I was hoping to get everything moved before the 7th, but too bad for me. So I guess I will be camping on my bedroom floor at my apartment for a few nights. Awesome.
I will be working in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Phoenix Children's Hospital. I'm really excited for this new challenge, and really nervous too. Hopefully I do okay.
For now I will rent out my house. If I love it down there I will probably sell my house after a while. If I hate it, I will move back to Utah after a while. I'm hoping I love it.

Did I mention that it doesn't snow. I don't care how hot it gets in the summer, as long as the winter doesn't make me want to die, I will be just fine.


Liz Johnson said...

Well, I am not at all excited about this. Pssh.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! I hope Phoenix is amazing and wonderful and that you love it so much!!!!!

Lani said...

I LOVE THIS. :-) We will be in UT when you arrive... so sorry. Wish we could be a better welcoming party. Email me your new address! The summer just might make you want to die, but the winter will make you think you've died and gone to heaven. Yay!

Kimberly said...

Oh, and the winters are lovely. If you need places to eat or things to do ever, I'm your girl. In fact, you must eat at Mango's when you go to the temple. It is tradition. My favorite Mexican food restaurant is a little taco stand an hour out of Phoenix, so maybe I won't make you go there. Also, they just broke ground on the Phoenix temple! It will be pretty far north and west, but it might be closer than Mesa for you. How exciting to be there when it is built (though maybe that's nothing new for you). I hope you love it!

alli said...

Yay Andrea!! You're going to love the PICU! I worked in an ICU before moving to Switzerland and LOVED it (yes--kiddos and adults are different...but the environment is similar). It was much different than 'the floor' and very stimulating. It really changed my life. You will work with special people there. Can't wait to hear about your adventures!!

PS Of course they hired you! You are Andrea!

Jenn said...

So excited for you, Andrea! My heart lies in Arizona, and I'm more than just a bit jealous of your move. I'm excited for your new job, and a new start, and a new adventure. You're amazing, and you'll do WONDERFUL there! Love you!

Hilary said...

We may just have to come visit . . . while it's snowing here :-)
We're really excited for you -- if not a bit bummed to be losing another Aunt to another state . . .