Thursday, June 14, 2007

My fault?

Yesterday I had a meeting at work. My part-time work. The meeting itself was fine. The highlight, however, was when I got reamed by the HR lady for not picking up my pay stubs. A little background, I have tried to pick up my pay stubs at least every two weeks for the last couple months. I have talked to the receptionist, she has referred me to the director of nursing, who has referred me elsewhere. Lets just say, every two weeks I have talked to several people to get my check stub, but to no avail. So yesterday the HR lady comes in to the nursing meeting with a stack of envelopes. She said, "lets see who isn't picking up their checks". Apparently she thinks public humiliation is a good method of teaching. So I said, "I think you have some of mine." She handed me a stack of 4 and then with a disapproving look said "you really need to pick these up every 2 weeks." To which I responded "I have tried every two weeks to pick them up, I have talked to several people throughout the building in an attempt to find them. The people I am told to ask, have no idea where to look." She said "you pick them up from the director of nursing." I responded, "I have tried that several times, she has never had them, and has not known where to get them." At this point the conversation turned and she left the room. Later, I decided that I would try to get my pay stubs mailed to me. Afterall, they come in an envelope ready to mail. The other nurses said they don't mail out the checks because people move too often, so the addresses are bad. Here comes round two. I went into the HR lady's office (by the way, aren't HR people supposed to be nice?). I said, "I work evenings, which makes it difficult to pick up my checks. Will you please mail them to me." And then, without pausing, I continued "My address is never going to change, it is my parent's house, and they wont be moving." With a look of disgust, as if I was putting her out, she replied "well, I guess I can do that." I said "thank you," with an annoying cheerfulness, and walked out of the room.
We will see if my pay stubs ever get mailed to me. I kind of doubt it, but who knows. And, I sincerely hope that my parents don't move, or they will make me into a liar.

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Liz Johnson said...

You should leave her a nice note with smiley faces and flowers. Because things like that really tick people like that off.