Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm bored

Yesterday, my back started spasming. It started out pretty innocent. You know, just the usual spasm, a little pain here a little there when you move. Throughout the day it increased exponentially. By the time I left the hospital (2pm), I wasn't sure I was going to make it all the way to the train. Luckily, I slept the whole train ride, so I didn't think about the pain. When I got off the train, the pain had increased even more. By this point I had kind of figured out how to walk to cause the least amount of pain. And don't you worry, I looked like a fool. I got across the bus path and began walking up the stairs. I honestly did not think I was going to make it up the stairs. There was someone behind me, so I had to keep going, despite the spasms. Getting across the parking lot was nothing compared to going up the stairs, so I was feeling pretty good. I drove home, and apparently the 4 minute car ride was enough to exponentially increase the pain. There are exactly 3 stairs to get into my house. The first one hurt, the next one worse. The third, at the threshold of the house, was an obstacle I did not think I would be able to concur. I actually made 2 or 3 attempts before scaling the stair successfully. At this point, moving was hilarious. I was actually laughing with each step. I was doing quite well, I could walk one or two steps before having to take a break. And, I was only partially hunched over. It was either laugh or cry, and I chose to laugh. So, I went and got some medicine and got ready to spend a long long time on the couch. My sensitive stomach requires that I eat with medicine, and the two trips between the couch and kitchen to get food and water nearly did me in. I honestly did not think I would be able to carry something in my hand while moving at the same time. I finally got to the couch with all supplies, and rested. Whew. Unfortunately, not too long later, nature called. The very long walk to the bathroom nearly did me in. At this point, I was very hunched over, and only able to take one step before resting (sometimes I couldn't even get through a full step without a rest). My dad made the useful observation that you learn how to not go to the bathroom when the pain gets bad enough. It is all about priorities. I will spare you the painful details of sitting down and standing up in the bathroom. I got back to the couch and stayed horizontal for the next 4 hours. I felt slightly better when I got up. I then went to bed. All pain returned in the morning. Luckily, the pain eased throughout the day. I went to the doctor and got some good meds for the pain and for the spasms. He thinks I will be good as new by Monday. I wish you could have seen me, it was really funny.


Chris J. said...
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Liz Johnson said...

Can I call you the Hunchback of Notre Knollcrest?

The deleted comment was mine. I accidentally posted as Chris. I will not give him the credit for my amazing sense of humor.