Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Adventures in Voting

This morning I voted. It doesn't matter who I voted for because I live in the state of Utah.
So, I get to the poles this morning and tell them my name and get the card for the machine. I tried to choose a middle machine, but they made me go to the end so that the machines get evenly used or something. I stick my card in the machine, begining the voting process. I choose my candidate, then it prints a little reciept for me to check, I push "Cast Ballot" and the machine goes black. So, my vote is still sitting there for the world to read. And my card is stuck in the machine (the card I am supposed to give back to the nice ladies at the registration desk.
I call for some help and a lady comes over who has no idea what to do. She makes sure everything is plugged in and then decides to restart the machine. I ask her if I need to revote, and she says that she is not sure. Then she says "you didn't vote for ___, did you?" Um, yeah, that is what my ballot shows, isn't it.
I am not sure if I actually voted today or not. And I think that I got put down for my choice of candidate. And, I thought the voter worker people were supposed to be non-partisan, and that my vote was supposed to be private. So much for all of that.


Kimberly said...

Uhh..maybe she was just trying to be sure the machine worked properly? But even then, she could have said "does this all look correct, dear?" I'm a little disturbed by that, too.

Liz Johnson said...

Oh wow. Please tell me you voted for somebody truly crazy, like Mike Gravel or Tom Tancredo. Then I could understand why she said that.

Liz Johnson said...

Actually, I think I figured out the problem. Voting machines aren't set up to accept votes for Troy Bolton, Andrea.