Saturday, August 23, 2008

Movie Review: Mummy 3

I saw this last night.  Not my favorite.  The first 45 minutes were essentially an introduction.  Too much intro for my taste.  And, it was rather predictable.  The good news, they did not take themselves too seriously, since it was rather cheesy.  I did laugh a few times, mostly in moments that were not intended to be comedic.  And the previews were good.  I kinda want to see the new movie with Vin Diesel now.  And Rent is coming to theaters only in September.  Wait a second, didn't Rent come out a few years ago.  Yes.  Yes it did.  The difference, this time it is an actual broadway recording and has an appearance by the original cast.  Hmm.  And then there is Disaster Movie.  Reminiscent of Scary Movie, don't you think.  Apparently they have also made Date Movie and Epic Movie.  Although I haven't seen any of these, and don't intend on seeing Disaster Movie, I do remember laughing more during the preview for Disaster Movie than all of The Mummy. 
Not a great reflection on the movie if the previews have a more lasting impression than the feature presentation.
2 stars.


Liz Johnson said...

So they're actually just filming a Broadway show? Like anybody could do with their video camera (if they were allowed in)? I don't get it. This RENT thing is very concerning to me. Especially since it appears I will have to drive to either Chicago or Detroit to see it.

Kimberly said...

Well, the Rent movie that came out was primarily the original cast. I listened to the original after seeing the movie and I even think I like the 2 differences better! It will be interesting tough.