Thursday, August 21, 2008

Speed walking to the max

I have become somewhat of an olympic nut. This is mostly due to the fact that I am currently a cripple and have nothing better to do with my time that watch 24 hours a day of olympics. So what to my wondering eyes did appear last night? Olympic Walking. Yes, you read that right. My dad called me to tell me to look at channel 23 for some great entertainment. It was quickly decided that this would be my new calling. It is kindof sad, see everyone is racing but not really going as fast as they could. It almost hurts to watch them want to catch up, but not able to because they aren't allowed to run. Just a quick jog would take them to the front of the pack. I am not even asking for a sprint, just a quick jog.
Basics of the race:
- 20km (excessively too long)
- you must only walk
- it is all in the hips
- apparently this is another sport in which you only wear your underwear. It seems that with such a long race that you would want something that would prevent possible chafing.
- at the end you fall over. (I kid you not, pretty much everyone did this).
- it is very anticlimactic since it takes several kilometers to actually catch up with someone. No surprise endings here.
I remember speed walking with my roommate our freshman year.  We walked to the library.  It was awesome.

Next sport to watch: Trampoline.

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Kimberly said...

I watched trampoline! Sad I missed the speed walking, though. Let me know if you ever come to AZ...I miss you too! Next time we're in UT, I'll let you know.