Monday, July 18, 2011


1. DMV- the one here in AZ is horrible. I spent 3.5 hours there to get my driver's license and car registered.  At least I am legal now.

2. Monsoon Season- Apparently this is "monsoon season". In AZ that means that we get dust storms and light sprinkling rain.  I have been in what I considered to be monsoons while in Africa, and it was nothing like this.  Everyone here makes it out to be a really big deal and really terrible. The dust storm today lasted a few hours and just made the air brown for a while.  A lot of hype for nothing.

3. My GPS and I are co-dependent. I can't get anywhere on my own. And if I try to, I get lost.  But, major win: I got home from the gym tonight without even turning my GPS on.  It required 4 turns. Don't be too impressed.

4. I have gained weight. Not an excessive amount of weight, but I am up a bit from all the weight I have lost this last year. On the positive side, I am still 20 pounds down from my heaviest.  Time to get back to business!

5. I think I have a friend. I have talked to the same person at FHE two weeks in a row. And, I think we are going to hang out tomorrow. She is my age, and seems pretty cool. Hopefully we can be friends.  It is nice to talk to someone in person. It is amazing how good it feels to have conversations that don't take place over the phone!

6. Hair- a lot of people here have brown hair. I like it. Utah is so full of fake hair and fake boobs and fake everything. It is nice to see natural-ness here.

7. Libraries- why the heck do the libraries close at 5?! I wanted to get my library card, but the DMV took too long and I wasn't able to get there by 5. 

8. Brave=stupid. People keep saying I am brave for moving here. I don't think that is accurate. I feel like a big baby all the time. I cry a lot. And if I don't cry, I am on the verge almost constantly. This is really hard and really lonely. I'm not brave at all. 

9. I'm from Utah- this is the first time in my life that saying that phrase has not immediately elicited the response "are you mormon?" It is surprising. I have told a ton of people where I am from, and only 1 person has asked if I'm mormon. I got asked that in foreign countries, but not here. Huh.

10. Febreze- as much as I had hoped that it would solve my ash-tray apartment, it has not done anything. Adding febreze to stale smoke smell just makes a flowery stale smoke smell. I still smell disgusting everywhere I go. Another reason why I choose not to smoke.


April said...

Hang in there Andrea! I promise it will get better! I totally understand what it's like to move to a city where you don't know anyone and to live in a scary neighborhood. I lived in Washington Heights in NYC which has the highest crime and murder rate in NY. I cried a lot when I first moved there, but Church helped me a ton. It ended up being a great experience.

Also, there is some sort of chemical cleaner you can buy at Home Depot to wash the walls of your apartment to get the smoke smell out. Can't remember what it is called, but it worked pretty well. Or you can try using vinegar or bleach.

Laura Hess said...

Andrea! What an adventure! It's impossible to understand how hard moving is before you actually do it. I'm pretty sure I cried at least twice a day, every day, for a month when I moved to Connecticut. It gets better :) Good luck in the PICU! Let me know if they need any nurse practitioners!

K.E.N said...

Sorry to say but you will never get rid of the smoke smell...we lived in an apt in Murray where the guy beneath us smoked and everything smelled-even my temple clothes. You just get used to it...and maybe you smell like smoke and that's why people didn't ask if you were mormon ;) Just try and remember that change is hard, but can be exciting if you look at it that way. I'm thinking of you!