Saturday, March 16, 2013

Diamond Head

Another great day. We started the day by hiking to the top of Diamond Head Crater. It's a fairly steep hike and I was worried my knees weren't going to make it. But, I surprised myself. I set a strong pace and powered to the top. I was well ahead of Val and Ellyn pretty much the whole time. The very last part that was all stairs slowed me down. From the top was a gorgeous view of Waikiki and the ocean. Such a great hike. After that we went to 'Iolani Palace where the King/Queen of Hawaii used to live. We walked around the outside, but did not tour the inside. Still fun. Next we went to a quirky house, Doris Duke's Shangri La. She was crazy rich and really into Islamic art, so she built a huge house filled with her grand collection of Islamic art. It was really beautiful. We got pretty tired so we had dinner then decided to come back to the cottage after a little shopping. Hawaii continues to be great.

In front of 'Iolani Palace

Driving in the car

Spiral staircase on the way down Diamond Head

I was so happy I made it

Awesome view

I came. I saw. I conquered.

Tape knees

Thank you tape!

The long long staircase

The Judicial building

Statue of King Kamehameha I

'Iolani Palace

I am a very good guard lion

At the Shangri La house

These trees have long vines that grow down from the branches and into the ground

At the top of the crater


So far ahead of the other girls

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Making a list of things I want to see when we eventually many cool things!