Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Polynesian Cultural Center

Today we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center and Laie Temple. Such a great day. We got up super early to be at the temple by 7:00AM. After getting to bed at 2 in the morning, it was a rough wake up, but well worth it.
It was cloudy in the morning, but still so pretty.

I love the pretty flowers. Arizona has very little color besides brown, so it was nice to see some.

This is me with a crazy face like the Tiki masks. I will always be weird.

Oops, out of order. Another at the temple. Me and Ellyn.

Val's face is great here. She makes a much more convincing Tiki than I do.

Pretty waterfalls. They get turned off at 7PM. Ha.

Waiting to watch the show about Tonga. We learned so much all day and had such fun!

Not sure why I have such crazy eye, but it makes me laugh, so I thought I would share.

We got awesome coordinating tattoos.

I think Ellyn was afraid of the guy moving our canoe.

We made fish from palm leaves.

This was our guide for the day, Connor. He is from Korea. We were the "Connor Family" all day.

A bench, thus a pose.

Last, the best Easter Island imitators you will ever meet. Hands down.

So far we have so much fun and are so exhausted. Our beach cottage is just that, on the beach. Closest to the beach you can get. We sleep with the windows open and listen to the waves. It is just wonderful. I love it here!

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K.E.N said...

That sounds completely AMAZING! Eric received his endowments in Laie-it's so so beautiful. And your die for! Lucky woman. Keep having a blast, I want to see more pictures.