Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Today we went kayaking at Hane'ohe Bay. It was great. The water was so so clear and there was tons of coral. We rented a single and double kayak. After our arms got worn out we went and got Malasadas from Leonard's Bakery. They are like donuts but without the hole. We drove back to the cottage, enjoyed the beach for a bit, then had Korean BBQ for dinner. The place we ate at was pretty legit, because lots of Koreans kept coming in. So fun. I refuse to take the time to put the pictures in order.

Leonard's Bakery.

Ellyn and Val eating their Malasadas. Yummy.

The kayaks on top of our little car. They loaded them for us, but we had to load them on after we were done. It was definitely an adventure.

This was before Val's hat blew off and we had to rescue it.

So fun.

Ellyn bought a waterproof camera before the trip, and it was so great to have. 

Ellyn was a pro.

More coral.

I fell out of the single kayak twice. No one else fell out at all. This is me turning it back over to get back in.

I'm back in. Victory.

Team Ellyn and Val in the double.


This is how you relax in a kayak.

Green coral.

Lunch on the side of the bay.

Val looking good.

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Ruth said...

I'm going to try again to leave a comment. It looks like so much fun. I wish you had a close up of your pastry. I'm glad you got back in the kayak.