Sunday, April 29, 2007

Graduation Day

I officially graduated on Friday! Yeeaaahhh!
Graduation ceremony was great. My brother, Chris, surprised his wife and walked with me at graduation. His wife, Liz was super super excited about it. My sister-in-law Hilary was also there with my little niece Annie, as well as my parents and my nephew, Connor. It was great to have everyone there. My dad is proud of the fact that he will never have to come to BYU again. He is not a BYU fan.
After the commencement I made my family walk down to the infamous "The World is Our Campus" sign to take a picture. The reason for this is that my dad always says "the campus is our world," which really is quite true of BYU. So, we stood in a very long line to take pictures in front of the sign. I plan to use photoshop to alter the picture and switch the words around. Wait for it... I just did this.
If only I could make it say "The Campus is My World".
So anyway, we had a lot of fun on graduation day. I am glad I did it. It was worth all 6 years at BYU. Good thing I finally found a major I like.
Now I just have to put all my energy into studying for the NCLEX which is the big nasty licensing exam I have to take. Lucky me :)

I added more pics to the slide, check them out. As promised, I am the one in black.

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