Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bon Fire/Group Therapy

So, the day after graduation a few friends and I had a bonfire. Purpose: purge our lives of unwanted textbooks/notes/scrubs/etc. We burned everything from Nursing Fundamentals study guides to BYU scrubs to Abnormal Psychology textbooks to Biochemistry notes. It was incredibly cleansing.
We took pictures of us commanding the fire, which actually look pretty scary looking.
The 5 of us had a grand old time. With the help of a little lighter fluid (thanks Dave) we had a pretty decent fire. Unfortunately, we learned that too much paper can prevent the wood from really ever catching fire. It took a while to get the wood burning, but such is life.
Afterward we joined up with another friend and went to IHOP. Our waiter's name was: #. Yes, that is correct, #. When we asked him his name he said "Pound". We kept asking his name and he stuck with his answer. It was all very peculiar, like he was part of a huge scam, and we were the victims. Weird. I think he is part of the Witness Protection Program, or is an ex-con. I am not sure. But either way, he was nice. Random: a year or two ago I went to IHOP and my waiter's name badge was a 5 digit number, you know, something like 49382. Also part of the same mysterious group as above mentioned waiter. Do you think they have to pay taxes on their wages if they don't have a real name? If not, should I be tipping them? hmm. Or, maybe he is sort of like The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, again known as Prince. Maybe one day he will be the IHOP waiter formerly known as #. Then I will be able to say "I knew him when..."
p.s. sorry for the blurry bonfire pictures, I guess that is what happens at night with a bright fire. They kinda look cool, if you ask me.

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Rachel said...

Good college times. What else are you going to do with textbooks except to burn them?!? My last college bon fire included not only textbooks but also a paperback biography of the group Hansen. You're probably too young to even know who they are though...Let's just say Mmm Bop!