Thursday, April 26, 2007

Semper Fi(delis)

So, my friend, Diana, and I were driving to Provo yesterday, and saw a car with the bumper sticker: Semper Fi. I had heard of it, but neither of us knew what it meant. However, deductive reasoning caused us to determine that since it sounded like simplify that must be what it means. I know, you are all probably in awe of my naivety. So, I got home and wiki'd the topic. Apparently, semper fi is short for semper fidelis, and means always faithful in Latin. It is good enough to have been chosen as the motto for at least 19 organizations from cities, to high schools to families, to Jericho (?), to senators, to the US Marines. Now, I am not super familiar with biblical languages, but I don't think the people in ancient Jericho spoke Latin. Oh, wait, keep reading Wikipedia, Andrea. Apparently it has nothing to do with ancient Jericho, but was the title of an episode of some show called Jericho. There you have it, semper fi is very well used. Now you will be much smarter when conversing with your friends in Latin. I do this all the time. So everyone. Semper Fidelis.
Oh, and my favorite latin phrase: Carpe Diem. I learned this one, thanks to Robin Williams in Dead Poet's Society. Funny, Wikipedia claims that it means Seize the day which we all know, but that a better translation is Pluck the day. So, from now on when I sing Newsies, I will sing "Now is the time to Pluck the day, se
nd out the call and join the fray..." This is going to be fun.

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Liz Johnson said...

Te audire no possum, musa sapienum fixa est in aura.