Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The day has come. The hour is near. I am graduating. Finally. Friday is convocation (I think that is the word). That means I will officially be signing my name: Andrea Johnson, BSN. Give me another month or so and I will be signing my name: Andrea Johnson, RN, BSN. It is all very exciting. So, I get to wear a funny looking cap and gown, and walk in straight file to receive a diploma. A fake diploma. Apparently the real one doesn't come for a couple weeks.
Wikipedia says that I should be soberly dressed underneath my gown. We will see how that goes. For my high school graduation they told us not to wear thongs. I took them seriously, and did not wear thong-style underwear. Nevertheless, when I showed up in my flip-flops, it was quite the issue. I, along with 90% of the other graduates, was wearing flip-flops, against the supposed suggestion of the vice principle. So, the vice principle decided to choose me as the person to attack and interrogate regarding the choice of footwear. I, the one who caused zero trouble in high school was getting busted at graduation. She told me I needed to trade shoes with my mom. I said no, and walked away. It was really frustrating, and actually ended up ruining the day. So, this time, I will dress "soberly" in order to avoid unwanted conversations with the dean.
Look for me on graduation day, I will be the one in the cap and gown. I will be smiling. It will be a great day.


Liz Johnson said...

I think to "dress soberly" means that you shouldn't wear a beer hat. Which I think is probably a good idea.

Lani said...

Ahhh... I love you, Andrea! I so needed that comic relief today!

Lilliasaid said...

Andrea is graduating!!! Huzzah! I'm glad you have a blog, so I can hear what's going on with you. Cheers and congrats!