Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Birds

Have you ever seen that old Hitchcock movie "The Birds"? I saw it at a Halloween party back when I was in Junior High. I think it is supposed to be scary. I also think it is about people getting attacked by birds. That is all I remember about it. Well, I am having flashbacks. This last weekend while I was in Provo my car got attacked by birds. They used my car as their personal toilet. My friends thought it was gross (as did I), and I wasn't sure if they would even get in the car. Well, today I went out to my car after work, and what did I find... even more bird poop on my car. Was I parked under a tree? No. Did I hurt one of their friends? No. Did I put a giant target on the top of my car? No. I just don't understand. Why are they attacking my car? Boom (my car) has enough to deal with, without all this extra bird poop. So, if you find out what I have done to offend the bird community, please let me know. Until then, I am going to do my best to make amends. I just hope they don't start attacking me instead of my car. Being pooped on is not fun (and I would know, having been pooped on by more than just birds.)
Maybe it is time for a good Hitchcock movie night. Wait Until Dark anyone?

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