Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I know this may surprise you, but I enjoy quiet. Don't get me wrong, I love music and talking and fun, but I need my quiet times. Yesterday at work I realized this a little more. There is a nurse at work who is very high energy, and at the same time very high stress. He likes to have music playing (I don't blame him). However, the room is fairly small and there are usually a lot of people in the room and it gets crowded and people start talking really loudly, and well, I go into sensory overload. I think the stressful atmosphere makes it harder for me to handle all the stimulation. I think I just really enjoy organized sound. I love music, I love talking, I love a lot of sources of noise. But sometimes the stress of it all actually makes my insides start twisting in knots. It really isn't a very pleasant experience. I think I just like to be able to process everything, and too much going on does not allow that. I am the same way when riding in the backseat with the music up loud. It is too hard to hear people talking and to listen to the music. I end up leaving the conversation, or yelling so that people can hear me. I know, I am weird. Maybe I have hearing problems. I wouldn't put it past me. So, next time you see me go to my quiet happy place, you will know why. Too much happening can make a girl go insane.

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Liz Johnson said...

You should try dropping into a fetal position and rocking (while chanting) next time you are overstimulated with sound. People *should* get the hint after that.