Sunday, September 14, 2008


One of my favorite things to do with my nieces and nephews is to brainwash them.  While my nephew was in town for the summer I taught him something very important, the answer to the question "who is your favorite".  His answer: "Andrea", which actually sounded a lot like uh-die.  Which is exactly how he says "all done", but that is a subject for another day.  The important part is that he was clearly trained that I was his favorite.  Understanding what "favorite" means is a lesson for another day.
Today I taught my niece to say "no, I am a crazy chicken".  Although not quite as beneficial for me, this was still very useful.  It was hilarious every time she said it.  I would say "no, I am a crazy chicken" and she would very ardently state "no, I am a crazy chicken."  Classic.
And this is why God gave us nieces and nephews.  At least one of the reasons.  And the fact that they are more fun that other kids.  As soon as the two babies get old enough I will start brain washing them as well.


Liz Johnson said...

He still says Uh-Die, too. It's a very lasting brainwash job.

Lani said...

Note to self... keep kids away from Uh-die the brainwasher... ;-)

Christine said...

Kids are too much fun!! Chris really enjoys brainwashing our neice and nephew as well. It makes for good entertainment for all involved. Although...I'm not sure how I'll feel when my siblings start brainwashing Kate...I may change my mind on this, but for now I agree with you. :)