Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I have to take everything I can as a milestone these days.  I guess it is a good way to remember all the blessings I have.  Here are some of my recent accomplishments:
  • I worked a 6 hour half shift on Friday day
  • I worked a 12 hour shift on Sunday night
  • I cleaned my tub today (very difficult to do if you can not kneel)
  • I actually got things knocked of my list of physical therapy exercises
  • I made a serious real meal today, and it tasted great
  • I impressed the physical therapists with my flexibility and range of motion
  • I made it home safely last night (I have to park at the church next door and then walk home alone in the dark)
  • I have chilled out on talking on my phone, and thus have not caused us to go over our minutes.  Yay for more minutes starting at the end of this week.
  • I have not turned on my heater yet even though it is freezing.  Instead I just wear thermals to bed.
  • I have been given the go-ahead to slowly start back into my normal activities.
It is a good life.


Lani said...

Way to make progress!

It might make you feel even better to know that I'm jealous of you. Yup. I am. Soooo not fair that you're even thinking about the word "heater"... :-P

BrentAndreaSorenson said...

Hi Andrea,
I'm glad your knee is doing so much better.. it looked like a really painful injury. And, I'm glad you helped me remember simultaneous lane changes, maybe now driving on the freeway will be a little bit better for me.
Take care!