Saturday, September 20, 2008

Photo Shoot

These are all pictures that I took around the Jordan River Temple on Wednesday.  They are all SOOC (straight out of the camera).  What do you think?

I don't know why, but this one (and several others) looks like one of those black and white photos with color added.  I promise it is not.

Don't you just love the curled petal.

Not my favorite composition, but a cute bud.

These flowers were so vibrant.

Now these next two are very similar.  I was experimenting with shooting the back of a flower with the sun coming through making the flower a little transparent. Which do you prefer?  #1:
or #2:

This one looks much better in full size.

The colors here are kinda fun.

Playing around with depth.
Obviously, I am no expert.  But it is fun for me.


Liz Johnson said...

I really really love that second one. Really, really love it.

Kimberly said...

No expert my foot! I like #2 the best, as well.

Leserlee said...

I'm going with everyone else and saying number 2 is better. Very nice pictures all around.

Jackie said...

Your pictures look great. I thing you should keep it up.