Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another day, another date

I had another date last night. And another one this coming Friday. So far, Phoenix has proved itself to be a much better dating scene than Salt Lake.

I'm not used to people spending money on me. And it makes me feel really self-consious. I need to get over that.

I'm not used to someone being so interested so quickly. I'm much more used to dysfunctional Utah guys.

I'm an awkward mess. This you all knew, but it has become even more apparent to me of late.


Lani said...

You're beautiful and wonderful, and you deserve the attention and pampering. :-)

Hilary said...

Yay for dating!

sachiko said...

yay for you! i'm glad AZ is turning out to be a good move. and. um. thanks for the confidence boost for dating utah guys, haa, haa. fly a few AZ boys up this way, eh?

Jenn said...

So glad that Arizona is treating you right! And yes, you do deserve the attention and the pampering! Love you!