Sunday, August 28, 2011

New things, new me.

One of my goals with this move was to experience new things. Well yesterday I did just that. I had several firsts.

1. I saw the Biosphere 2. It turns out most people don't even know what the Biosphere is. I remember reading about it as a kid in National Geographic. Well, I saw it. I didn't get a chance to go in because we were on our way to a cave, but it was awesome to even see from a distance. I feel so complete.

2. I went caving. And can I tell you, it is AWESOME. Muddy and sticky and wet and crazy and awesome. I even went swimming in the pool in the cave. Don't even get me started on the hazards of stagnant water. I threw caution to the wind and got in. Only 3 of us did, and it was well worth it. So fun! We went to Peppersauce Cave. Not nearly as cool as Timpanogas Cave, but it was fun to explore and wander around. And realize how weak I am. Ha.

3. I stopped at the Tom Mix Monument. Yep, I had no idea who this guy was, and why he gets an entire park and monument dedicated to him. Apparently he died in 1940 as he lost control of his car and an aluminum suitcase full of jewels hit him in the back of the head. Crazy. But it was random and fun, so there you go.

4. I had sushi. I'm not really into fish, but I want to like fish, so I just dove in. I had a couple different types of sushi, and some sashimi. Surprisingly good. Not sure what I think of the texture of sashimi. Raw fish is weird. But good overall.

5. I had rattlesnake. Who knew that scary rattlesnakes were for eating?! I have had alligator before, and rattlesnake was a similar experience. They both are quite mild, and similar to chicken. It is a bit more chewy though. Now I can cross that off the list (I didn't even know it should be on the list before last night).

6. I toured a biotech lab which was so cool. And way more amazing than the biotech lab we had in high school. But I remembered things from my class in high school, so good job public school system. I got a behind-the-scenes after hours tour of the lab where they are doing all sorts of cancer research. So cool.

Oh, and I had a date last night. It was really fun. So there you go.

Life is good. Work is stress. Things are getting better.


Kimberly said...

These things make me happy. Other than the eating of rattlesnake which is about as tasty as cactus jelly but for some reason people try to sell anyway. I went in the Biosphere as a kid and the most memorable part was that the first generation of scientists planted a cocoa tree even though they would never harvest the chocolate. I was so sad for them. Glad you're being brave. Is the stink getting any better?

Liz Johnson said...

Like like triple like!!!!!!! :)

Greg said...

Stupid Google Reader! I have not been getting your updates whatsoever! I now need to go back and catch up!
Quick thought though -- very cute hair cut! I'll read and write more later! :-)
Oh, and the girls miss you and talk about you a lot :-)

Greg said...

And um, that was Hilary. Not Greg. :-)
Although, Greg was the one who informed me you'd updated, then I kicked him off the computer so I could read your posts! :-)

Hilary said...

I'm all caught up now. Aww, Andrea, I'm sorry this has been such a tough transition, but it sounds like things are really doing better now! And, it may be too late for this (hopefully you don't still need this), but get a spray bottle with water and vinegar in it -- douse EVERYTHING. Walls, mattresses, furniture, carpets, etc, then let air dry. It will smell horribly of vinegar for a day or so, but it will wipe out smoke smell better than anything else I've found (at least, it's what worked best for my neighbors and I after our wild fire last year).
Good luck!
I don't know what you're schedule is like, but feel free to call us anytime -- I'm always home, and the girls LOVE talking to anyone they can get on the phone. :-)
Take care! Love you!

Lani said...

I'm with Liz. Like like trippppple like. :-)

Diana said...

Marc and I actually went to the Biosphere when we visited my brother and his family in Tucsan last year. It's pretty interesting. If you get a chance, you should go inside sometime. I felt like it was worth a visit.