Friday, August 19, 2011

the cut

My new hair cut. And proof that I have done laundry but haven't put it away yet.

I just got home from a date. But that is not the purpose of my post.

I got my hair cut today. I have major anxiety about getting my hair cut by anyone but Betsy Ross. She is amazing and has been cutting my hair for the last 10 years. I have had sporadic horrific experiences in the mean time where I have lost Betsy and have tried out other stylists only to have my hair severely ravaged and mangled beyond repair. Well, today I went to Megan (who's name is not nearly as cool as Betsy Ross). I looked up reviews online of people who are good at cutting curly hair in Phoenix to find her. Because, contrary to popular belief, just because you went to beauty school does not mean that you are qualified to touch my hair. I have some SERIOUS curls, that when not treated respectfully will wage an all-out war against me. And as I don't enjoy the afro look for myself, I have to be careful with what I do.

I went to Megan and told her straight-up that I was nervous about having someone new cut my hair. All I wanted was a trim and thin.

Well, I got a trim. But it is definitely more like a cut. She cut off more than I expected. I'm pretty sure I lost 3-4 inches of length. But length is a hard thing for me to measure because cutting a little reduces weight and creates tighter curls and thus much shorter hair. It is scientific and what-not.

And she didn't thin at all, just layer.

So sort of what I asked for. And then she styled it curly. Which is fine, but I have enough experience with my haircuts to know that straightening it and polishing off the cut while it is straight really produces the best results. Ah well. So far the cut seems decent enough. Although, I think it is a touch overpriced at $50. Betsy is $40 and spends more time on me. Anyway, the part where the date comes in. I told him that I might be a touch late because I was getting my hair cut. He was good about it. But, if you are looking for a really easy way to compliment a girl who told you she just got her hair cut... tell her that her hair looks nice. It is easy enough. Not a strike against him that he didn't, just a thought. I mean, you are trying to win me over, right?

...sweaty armpits are not cute. But I realize that sometimes you can't control your nerves around someone so amazing. Ha!


Kimberly said...

I do think the cut looks good, and hopefully it will work until you find a new Betsy (Or just travel home for a haircut? Perhaps not). I will ask around, but my sister has wavy hair at best which is not the same thing. Still, she might have some ideas. Unfortunately, my I-never-go-anywhere-else place closed and I guess I wasn't a lucrative enough client to warrant a phone call from David, my stylist. Anyway. Sounds like there may be no second date. That said, I had the misfortune to wear a shirt that showed water and proceeded to sweat through my entire day of high school and we're still friends.

sachiko said...

Yay for a date!
and I think your hair looks great :)
I'm sure he forgot you were late
and were well-worth the wait :)

Lani said...

He should definitely be sweating in the presence of such a catch. :-) You're beautiful!

K.E.N said...

If I asked you on a date I would have brought you flowers and definitely told you your hair looks spectacular and I wouldn't have been sweaty, because I would think that looking confident would be more attractive and you are so awesome that I wouldn't need to sweat. You are looking smokin', by the way.