Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm really sore

Doug said it would happen, but I am not sure I totally believed him. However, I am now really sore. It must be the 90 minute workout two days in a row, when I am not used to such long workouts, and not used to lifting. I sort of feel like jello. It is a fun feeling. Funny when I can't sit up to get out of bed. Funny when I cant even walk out of the gym because my legs dont want to work. Funny when it hurts to do normal stretching, so I can't even stretch my muscles to help with the soreness. I am laughing really hard. It is going to be hilarious when I can't pick up my babies at work tonight. Jokes on me.


Liz Johnson said...

I hate Doug for making you hurt. Bad Doug! Bad! Go to your room!

Greg said...

She did ask for it though. Andrea signed up for the punishment. So really it is her fault. Doug just offers instruction, Andrea is the one that enables him.