Saturday, August 04, 2007

nah nah nah nah hey hey hey...

This morning I woke up really really early. I'm not sure it even counts a sleeping if you wake up at 3:45. I didn't mind waking up that early because I got to see Chris, Liz and Connor. So, we all went to the airport together. Technically, I was the chauffeur. I documented the entire drive with my camera. I didn't use the flash because it would have been distracting to the driver, so the pictures are all very modern-art. We got to the airport and went inside. We even got one of those luggage cart things. I never get those, so it was really exciting. We got in the Southwest line. Who knew that it didn't open until 5? We stood there for a while until the line opened. They checked their bags and got in the security line. Unfortunately, this is where I had to separate from the group. Stupid airport security only lets passengers go past security. Chris, Liz and Connor left. I cried. I am really sad that they are gone. This stinks. It really really stinks. I don't get to see them all the time now. This stinks. I cried when we said goodbye. Then I cried the whole way home. It was probably a bad thing considering it was dark, I was tired, and I was driving a really big car. Then I got home and cried some more. I am a big baby. I am going to South Bend every other week. It is decided.
Doesnt it look like we are on 24
The freeway
More of the freeway
The skyline at 4 in the morning
Loading the luggage
Liz and Connor
Connor with Chris
The fam
To Phoenix at 06:10AMWhere I stop. Where the crying began.


Liz Johnson said...

Those pictures turned out WAY better than I ever expected!!

I miss you tons o' tons. I cried too. A lot. When do you come to see me???

sa-rah said...

You have an adorable nephew! I'm sorry you had to say good-bye. And yes, your pictures do look like you are on 24! p.s. I miss you, too!