Tuesday, September 04, 2007

10 things I sacrifice/risk/give up/etc to ride TRAX

If you know me, you know that I love public transportation. There is just something wonderful about people watching and saving gas at the same time. A friend at work suggested that I write a book about my experiences on TRAX, as I always have rather amusing anecdotes from my adventures. This list isn't really about stories, but about the reasons behind my chosen form of transportation. I heart TRAX.

10. Risk my car being stolen every day/night as the TRAX parking lots are not exactly safe. This is a risk I am willing to take. It will just give me one more reason to buy a newer car. And, then I wouldn't have to get a new windshield (mine currently has two very large cracks).

9. Risk my car being broken into. This really wouldn't be much of a problem. They could steal my EFY CDs, or my Murray High blanket. Yep, worth the risk.

8. $4/paycheck, $8/month, $96/year to pay for the TRAX pass. This really isn't much considering that it cost a couple dollars to ride it for one day. Nevertheless, it is something.

7. Risk sitting my someone who is stinky or foul, with little way of getting out the situation while saving face. Usually it is easy to spot the unwashed miscreants, but there is always a risk of them sitting by you once you have already found that perfect seat.

6. Risk unintentionally getting in the middle of shady drug deals. Lets just say one group of salesmen handled the transaction feet away from the door of the train.

5. Give up the excitement of Utah driving, and the risk of getting in an accident.

4. Give up biweekly trips to Costco for gas. Some would contest that this truly is a sacrifice. My bank account would suggest otherwise.

3. Give up the joy of searching for a parking space at 6:45 in the morning at PCMC, which is always a chore.

2. Sacrifice sleep. I have to leave for work about 20 minutes earlier than if I were driving all the way there. I used to make up for it by sleeping on the train, but you can only miss your stop so many times before you decide it is a bad idea to take naps on the train.

1. Risk giving up my single status. Unlike the rest of my life's arena, there seem to be plenty of interested and willing men who ride TRAX. Most recently, the "pirate man". He was wearing a patch over his left eye, complete with skull and cross bones on it. He walked right past my friends and commented to me: "Hey, Babe." He was a real keeper. I may have missed my opportunity for true love.


Liz Johnson said...

I hope you still go to Costco bi-weekly for other reasons. Some of us who are no longer able to do that would kill for the opportunity.

Did you give pirate man your number? C'mon now!

Chris J. said...

Use the enter key, my eyes hurt from reading 24 hours per day you need to make this easier on me.

andrea kay said...

sorry, when I typed it there were paragraphs. I have fixed it.

Lani said...

Yummmy.... this makes me heart TRAX too! It reminds me a bit of when I used to ride the UTA buses to BYU and back to Springville everyday. ;-) Some majorly interesting people-watching opportunities. That's all I could really do since I have the unfortunate LACK of ability to READ while in any vehicle besides an airplane. Alas!

Chris J. said...

You should get a conceal and carry permit.

Kimberly said...

I would certainly read your book, and not just because we're friends. You never know, Andrea, this could be how you make your millions!