Friday, September 28, 2007

Like a fool

Last night at work I had a funny experience. I was standing in the hallway holding a fussy baby. I look down the hall and see a man with a package motioning me down the hall. I look the opposite direction to see if he is motioning to someone else. My initial impression is that he is a maintenance or housekeeping staff. So, I begin to walk down the hall toward him. Realizing that this whole situation is slightly fishy, I turn to the nurse next to me and say "if I don't come back, come find me". As I come nearer to the man he begins to shh me. He is of bigger build, not fat, just thick. As in, he could take me without hardly trying. Hmm. I consider stopping and turning back at this point. This is quickly turning into a potentially dangerous situation. My better judgment does not get the best of me (as it usually does) and I continue down the hall. As I get even closer I notice the box in his hand and watch as he begins to close the doors so that we will not be overheard. This makes me very nervous. I am now scared for the safety of myself and the child I am holding. I stop, he notices my trepidation and leaves the door open. He whispers to me about delivering this package to one of the nurses on our unit. He says she is working tonight and that the box is from her "secret admirer" although he claims she will know who that is. Like a fool, I accept the package for this nurse I do not know and whose name is not familiar in the slightest. I turn, package in hand, and walk back to where I started from, like a deer in the headlights. As I return to my nursing station I look back down the hall to see that he is gone. My first action: open the box. By the way, I would be a terrible member of a bomb squad. Inside the box: shoes. Nice ones. Dansko shoes. So, I walk the box to the main desk and ask if there is a nurse working by said name. Apparently she is new. So, I call her and have her come get the box. She is not nervous about it at all. Her boyfriend, the "secret admirer" bought her new shoes as a gift for passing nursing boards. My first thought: no one bought me new shoes for passing boards. Hmm. So, it all turned out to be fine and safe. However, if that ever happens again, I am calling security. How stupid can you get!


Liz Johnson said...

CREEPY! How did he get in there?? I would've been freaked out. I scare easily.

Lani said...

I love how you tell stories, Andrea! That would have freaked me out too. Especially after the bizarre incident we had at our house yesterday... I'll have to write a blogpost about it... :-/

Hilary said...

That was pretty sweet of him, but it's kinda funny he never really thought of how odd/creepy that'd look! I would've been totally weirded out. Worst experience I ever had of scaring myself to death was listening to a Good Charlotte CD as I was cleaning the basement . . . the music ended after awhile, and I started reading a book and ended up taking a nap. All the sudden I hear a creepy loud whisper that says, "You're not alone, there's someone else in the house! GET OUT!" Then maniacal laughter of a psychopath. Yep, stupid hidden track 76 on the stupid CD had me so scared I had to call Greg at work and talk to him until he got home (didn't tell him why we were talking for 40 minutes, I didn't want him to know I'd been freaked out by a CD.) I was so mad I haven't listened to the CD since.