Friday, September 07, 2007

Things that make you go hmmm.

So at work we have different "pods". Essentially each pod has 6-12 beds and a little nursing station. C pod is closed for remodeling. B pod is full of our chronic or long-stay kids (private rooms). Downstairs B pod (satellite pod) is full of contagious kids (ick. Also private rooms.). A and D pods are just your usual hospital patients. That said, for some reason I am only put on A and D pods. I have tried to discover the reason for this, through my own twisted thought process. When I started I was always put on either of the B pods. Now it has switched. This means, that frequently I am the only nurse, or only person on my pod. That gets kindof boring and sleepy time sets in much more easily. I have thought that possibly they exile me because I am a distraction to others (a known problem of mine) or that they want to give me the "easier kids" or something. I am not convinced that is the reason. See, I am always the one that gets the 3 or 4 patient loads when everyone else is cruising around with 2 patients. And then, last night, one of the other nurses came over and chatted with me. She was surprised that I was all by myself on my pod. She started around the same time as me and said: "I would be so scared if they put me by myself on a pod. I still ask so many questions that I would never be on my pod." Ah ha! Maybe that is the reason. Maybe they trust my skills and abilities enough to hold it together by my lonesome and with extra patients. So, I have decided to look at it as a compliment. I am doing good at my job. Go Andrea.

or, it could just be chance.


Liz Johnson said...

No, it is because you are amazing. End of story. That said, they should probably at least give you an unpaid friend to keep you company in the middle of the night.

Lani said...

I'd come, but I am usually sleeping (which I do enjoy) and miles and miles from there... so maybe that wouldn't work so well. :-/ ;-)